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Shedding Light

Mental Health Europe

22 March 2018

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Shedding Light

“Shedding Light” is a project run by Mental Health Europe, which looks at transparency issues between the mental health sector and the pharmaceutical industry. The main objective of Shedding Light is to raise awareness about the importance of transparency in the field of mental health and to encourage the adoption of sunshine and transparency laws across Europe.


Mental Health Europe is concerned about the lack of transparency around financial relationships in the mental health sectoreg. the ways marketing budgets are used to pay professionals to promote particular products and to influence the publication and interpretation of research results. This has led to a lack of fully informed choice for doctors and patients, over-medicalisation of mental health and a worrying reliance on drugs as the main form of treatment for mental ill health.


Transparent relations between the pharmaceutical and medical technologies (MedTech) industries and the mental health care sector are essential to ensuring the effectiveness, independence and quality of health (including mental health) care in Europe.


Independent health professionals, informed and empowered patients as well as transparent and collaborative relations between the pharmaceutical industry and the mental health sector are key elements to ensure adequate and appropriate healthcare, which places patients at the centre of the process